Proxomitron: Filtros Sidki config 2007-06-02. Adaptación a la versión nauscópica: fichero de configuración SIDKI-maty-02-Junio-2007.cfg

Disponibles los últimos filtros de Sidki para el proxy local para windows Proxomitron.


Filtros de Sidki (3 directorios y ficheros)


Proxomitron Nauscópico: Main WindowFichero de configuración (*.cfg) adaptado a la versión nauscópica (se requieren los de SIDKI)


El programa, versión nauscópica


June 2nd 2007

User Interface

  • Web config control: Some simplifications and additions (incl. interception of event listeners).
  • Proxomitron menu: “DOM Source” supports syntax highlighting.
  • Google: New themes. Integration of some “Google Experimental” features.
  • CastleCops: New filter: “Auto Login”.

Script Blocking

  • Generic script blocking is subsumed under one header control category.
  • Three levels: all scripts, all third party scripts, specific third party scripts.
  • New filter that scans for certain tracking modules in external scripts.
  • New list “AdHosts-J”, containing common hosts for external (ad, tracking, resource hog) scripts, inserting dummy functions if required.


  • Numerous additions -mainly to already existing filters/lists- to cover current in-the-wild exploits.
  • ClassIDs list uncoupled from -meanwhile stale- master lists (now based on a scan of ~20K sites).

Local Connections

  • Proxomitron’s own stylesheets get concatenated by a filter to a single file. The mix depends on browser, config mode, chosen config-control settings, and connection response.
  • If supported by the browser, small local files don’t get requested as external resource, but are encoded in “data:” URIs.


  • Work-around for IE7’s Dot security, which blocks Proxomitron’s “..” URL commands. Integrated into the config’s Half-SSL option. For manual use like in bookmarklets, use e.g. http://px.src-px-. instead of http://px.src..
  • Flash toggler doesn’t preload files in IE anymore. Also, you should always get the direct link to the Flash now, instead of “about:blank” for scripted Flash previously.
  • Data and functions for the Proxomitron menu moved to a separate file, “proxjs-x-menu.js”, which only gets loaded on demand (first left-click on a non-link element).
  • Proxomitron’s files aren’t injected anymore into documents that identify as AJAX includes (Prototype/jQuery/mootools scripts add an “x-requested-with” header).

Various bugfixes, additions, removals, and improvements.

Acerca de maty
Nauscopio Scipiorum

"Age quod agis et bene agis" - Hagas lo que hagas, hazlo bien

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